New Movers

A New Move can mean a new customer for you!

New Movers are active consumers adapting to a new location, roll out a welcome mailing to help them find service providers and choose a healthcare organizations. With compelling marketing pieces, affordable housewarming gifts, VJ Publications, INC's new mover programs are simple and effective! Make an initial and lasting impression to reach new consumers .

VJ Publications Inc

Turnkey Solutions

VJ Publications Inc

Direct Mail

  • Design & copywriting
  • Targeted, segmented lists
  • Customized list filters
  • Multi-touch mailings

Fulfillment Items

  • No more searching for just the right thing
  • Cost-effective call-to-action items
  • Long-term brand exposure
  • Comprehensive fulfillment services

Landing Pages

  • Design & copywriting
  • Development & programming
  • Match your branding
  • Calls-to-action
  • Optimized for PCs/tablets/mobile devices
  • Call & online lead tracking

Digital Advertising

  • Design & copywriting
  • Google & social media follow-up ads
  • Sophisticated targeting
  • Online lead tracking
  • Accountability & results reporting

Call & Lead Tracking

  • Track calls
  • Track online requests
  • Capture complete contact information for future communications
  • Key metrics for ROI reporting

Customer Portal

  • Custom login
  • Mail tracking
  • Online follow up
  • Social media follow up
  • Social match